3 Home Theater Trends to Expect at CES 2015

The annual Consumer Electronics Show will take place on Jan. 6-9 in Las Vegas, Nev. This is known as one of the most important tech events where innovators can exhibit their contributions to the next big thing in technology. Although many of the exhibitors like to keep their bigger debuts secret, here are the top 3 trends we expect will dominate at CES 2015.

1.Ultra HD 4K

Although there are several different names for this up and coming technology, we think this trend command much of the attention of those in attendance. As of right now, the terms Ultra HD and 4K can be used interchangeably since the difference between them is minute.

4K refers to display which has about 4 times (around 8 million) the pixels as the standard 1080p display. This difference is huge, as the more pixels on the display; the more information can be transmitted, leading to noticeably sharper and more engaging images. These TV’s are quickly becoming the standard among newly manufactured devices. These TV’s will quickly garner more attention once 4K content becomes more available.

2.    High Definition Audio

Although this technology has been criticized as unnecessary in the past, with 4K TV’s becoming increasingly popular, we think high definition audio will become more commonplace. There is currently no universal standard for high definition audio, it typically refers to audio which has a higher sampling frequency and more bit depth than traditional compact discs.

This emerging technology provides superior sound quality to audio formats, such as MP3’s, which are compressed and tend to sacrifice resolution for the sake of small file sizes. This technology has been relatively slow moving, but 2015 is already being hailed as the year of high definition audio to complement the craze of 4K technology.

3.    Sound Bars

These devices are quickly garnering more popularity as the technology for them improves. These sleek devices are made to sit on your entertainment center or cabinet. They are said to provide a richer sound with an enhanced bass without the need to add a sub woofer. Many audio and electronic manufacturers currently have a version of this technology on the market, and we expect most major manufacturers to announce their latest versions at CES 2015.

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