3 Ways to Achieve Surround Sound in Virtually Any Home

Surround sound can be an amazing addition to any home theater system regardless of how much you spend. If developed correctly, the sound quality of movies and video games can make you feel like you’re right in the action. You may also find yourself hearing more background voices in movies that you’ve seen multiple times. When developing a home theater in Pittsburgh, professional installers can help you maximize your space while providing the best quality possible.


Wired Systems

Wired systems can be unsightly depending on the development of your home theater. Many people often disguised the rear speaker wires by covering them with throw rugs or running them along the edges of the walls. It’s not impossible to hide a wired unit, especially if you have several pieces of furniture available such as book shelves or end tables. As long as you don’t mount them on the ceiling, rear speakers can be easily hidden while offering excellent quality. The bottom line is that it is possible to have a surround sound system without unsightly wires hanging about.

Built-in Speaker Systems

Speakers that are built into the walls themselves can be very attractive, especially if you prefer to have the speakers higher up on the wall or ceiling. This usually entails an expert installation as wires will need to be ran throughout the walls while making the speaker itself look elegant or even hidden. This is also a preferred method if someone wants to reduce the space taken by speakers making the room look more open and uncluttered.

Wireless Audio

Wireless audio systems can be very beneficial to the home theater as you’re able to move the units about the room freely. Instead of being restricted by the connecting wire, these speakers are able to be placed virtually anywhere as long as they’re in range of the transmitter. As many home theater systems use Bluetooth, this could be as much as 60 feet from the device. Unfortunately, this also means that the units must have individual power and are easier to misplace.

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