3D Televisions Include Built-in Cinema Technologies

Although visiting the movie theater continues to remain a top way to enjoy movies on large screens and with amplified sound, home theater systems are being designed to provide families with this same experience in their homes any time of the day. New technological advances in home theater systems provide consumers with the option of experiencing 3D technology. This enhanced viewing experience allows people to enjoy clear and more realistic viewing capabilities with their televisions and Blu-ray DVD players. Installation companies for home theaters in Pittsburgh can design entire home systems with this type of movie theater quality to facilitate a more improved viewing experience.

Televisions with 3D technology were introduced into the consumer market in 2010. Plasma and LCD televisions with 3D capabilities require the use of either active or passive shutter glasses. These are battery-powered glasses that can be used for home or office theaters to enhance the viewer’s visual experience and deliver different HD images overlapping each eye. Currently, manufacturers are offering these technologies for televisions that are at least 40 inches in size, because the 3D images appear more realistic on wider screens.

3D Projectors Offers More Improved Color and Brightness

Home theater projectors are designed for family rooms and living rooms. They deliver lifelike, natural-looking images and more clarified colors, similar to movie theater screens. The 3D home projectors help to ensure greater visibility of the images.

3D technologies in Home Theater Solutions Are Becoming More Popular

Enjoying a comfortable, cinematic experience in the home is now more easily accessible and affordable for many homeowners. With the new trends of 3D technology for home theaters, people can watch whatever they want on their televisions, from sports games to movies and the latest sitcoms.

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