4 Key Benefits of Home Automation

A home that responds to your presence is no longer relegated to science fiction. Through the power of the internet, Bluetooth transmissions, and other invisible signals, your home can adjust itself automatically to create a more comfortable living environment. Here are a few of the benefits of home automation.


Have you ever gone on a long vacation and worried about the safety of your home? Through home automation, you can schedule your lights to come on and off at various times to simulate someone being home. You can even control appliances remotely; never again will you worry whether you turned off the oven or not.


During certain times of year, the temperature can be very fickle. It can change during the day so drastically that, by the time you return home from work, your home is far too hot or cold. With a smart thermostat, the interior temperature will adjust to match the temperature outside. If the day suddenly becomes warm, your thermostat will shut off rather than allow the home to heat up to 80 degrees.

Saves Money

Because of tools like a smart thermostat and automatic lighting, you’ll find having a smart home reduces energy bills. Household appliances will be turned off when no one is home, and the value afforded from not having to stop at home to turn something off is fantastic.

Monitor Children

A smart home is a safe home. Through security cameras within the home, you can always keep an eye on your children from your smart phone. Whether they’re eleven months or eleven years old, you’ll always know what they’re up to.

These four benefits alone are enough to convince most people of a home automation system. However, some have taken it a bit further; their homes contain microphones so they can call out commands from any room, no matter where they may be sitting. At the rate technology is advancing, the possibilities are endless.

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