4 Best 3D Blu-Ray Movies to Watch at Home

As technology has evolved over time, movie producers were able to bring us increasingly clearer films. The relatively recent emergence of 3D and Blu-Ray technology only furthered these abilities. With crisp, high definition special effects and top quality soundtracks, enjoying these films on anything less than Blu-Ray from the comfort of your own home theater would just be silly.


James Cameron is an all-around visionary. Following a run of media criticism on his “new” use of 3D film tactics, he hit the screens with something unlike we’ve ever seen before. We’re of course talking about Avatar. Differing from many 3D films you’re probably familiar with, Avatar is easy on the eyes due to Cameron’s stereoscopic approach rather than the typical “pop-out” 3D effects. You’ll feel fully enveloped by the film’s depth.


Don’t let the cartoon element fool you – Disney’s modern take on the classic Rapunzel is surprisingly charming, regardless of your age. Employing multi-planed cameras, Disney’s innovative approach used stereoscopic effects to incorporate 3D elements throughout the film that look absolutely stunning on Blu-Ray. Many would say this is Disney’s most beautiful and artistic film since the early days of movie production. We’ll let you be the judge.

Tron: Legacy

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