A Quick Buyers Guide for Home Theater Projectors and Screens

Choosing the right projector and screen for your home theater system will make a big difference. Finding the right one doesn’t have to be difficult. However, there are a few things to consider before you make your purchase.

Answer These Questions Before Choosing a Projector

As you start to shop for the right projector, keep these questions in mind:

How bright do you want it to be?
What is your budget?
Do you have any constraints for installation?
Which aspect ratio will work best?
Which resolution fits your needs best?
How much contrast is necessary?

You will want to understand the basics about the aspect ratio and the resolution. These two features of any projector are very important.

Aspect Ratio and Resolution

The aspect ratio is simply the rectangular shape of the actual video image. The three most common choices include:

4:3 – Great for classic films and IMAX specials
16:9 – Excellent for HDTV, Blu-Ray and widescreen DVD
2.40:1 – Perfect for modern movies wider than 16:9

Along with choosing the right aspect ratio, you will need to choose the right resolution. Resolution is the number of pixels the projector can use to create the image. The more pixels, the clearer the image will be. Common resolutions include:


The newest resolution is 4K, which is known as the best and also called Ultra HD.

Choosing the right Screen

After you’ve made the decision for the right aspect ratio, you can choose a screen. This will make the difference for your screen size, along with the viewing distance for your home theater system. Of course, the width of the room will make a difference too.

Make sure you consider the surface area necessary for the aspect ratio chosen, along with how far the seating area and projector will be from the screen. If you already have your projector, you can shoot it onto the wall where your screen will go and measure to make sure you choose a screen large enough. This can also be done with a white bed sheet.

Choosing the right home theater projector and screen will make or break your home theater system. You don’t want to end up with great sound and a grainy image. Make sure you figure out what you need from a projector and choose the right screen for the room and the projector.

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