Are Ultra or 4K HD Televisions Worth Your Money?

Ultra and 4K HD resolution televisions have started reaching the market, providing a level of quality not seen on shelves before. There always seems to be new technology for consumers to get on board with, but is it worth the money?

Technology is constantly advancing and with each new breakthrough, new technology prices are high while older units will start to come down. In the television world, 4K HD and Ultra televisions are here to bring highly advanced resolution to consumers, for an even clearer television in your home. But many consumers are wondering if this new advancement is worth their money.

What is Ultra HD and 4K HD Resolution?

Ultra HD, or UHD, and 4K HD resolution televisions contain a higher number of pixels, to make larger televisions more clear. This means more vivid colors and intense images can be seen, thanks to this new technology.

As larger televisions become more popular, this technology is a huge advantage. Consumers don’t have to worry about if buying a bigger screen will cause a loss in the clarity of the picture. Most consumers don’t realize that the old technology used the same amount of pixels on every size television. UHD and 4K HD Resolution offers more pixels for a larger sized screen.

What is the difference between the old and new technology?

The old technology of televisions typically offered 1080p. The “p” stands for progressive scan, which offers 1,080 vertical pixels and 1,920 horizontal pixels. This standard amount of pixels is great on a smaller television, but as television needs change and consumers want bigger screens, having only 1,080 pixels does not allow for a clear picture.

A television over 70 inches, using the same amount of pixels as a 40 inch television, is not going to be as clear, since the pixels have to cover a much larger area and may look blurry. This new technology is the answer to this problem.

What’s the difference between Ultra HD and 4K HD?

The Ultra HD option means you are getting over 3,800 horizontal pixels and more than 2,000 vertical pixels for your resolution. A 4K HD option contains even more pixels: over 4,000 horizontal pixels and more than 2,000 vertical pixels. This is quadruple the amount of pixels compared to older HD televisions.

Tech experts say that the new technology is absolutely worth the extra money. Check out Ultra HD and 4K HD to experience it yourself, and enjoy a newer television that everyone in the room will be able to enjoy more clearly. For more information on a home theatre system, contact Northern Audio today at (412) 931-5850.

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