What’s the Best Integrated Amp for GoldenEar Triton One.R Reference Speakers?

What do we love most about GoldenEar Technology’s Triton One.R Reference Speakers, as well as Rogue Audio’s Cronus Magnum II Integrated Amp? Simply put, they’re a perfect match!

With the GoldenEar Triton One.R being the baby brother to the flagship Triton Reference–at a fraction of the price–how could we not be enamored with this wonderful combination of fidelity and affordability?

Of course the One.R boasts the patented Triton folded-ribbon tweeter technology, which offers state-of-the-art imaging, as well as performance that rivals speakers that sell for three or four times that of the One.R.

Pennsylvania-based Rogue Audio has been manufacturing vacuum tube amplifiers for decades. So when the third iteration of the Rogue Audio Cronus Magnum integrated amp was unveiled, we knew it was not only going to be a better-performing version of what was tried and true, but also another solid, made-in-the-USA product, loaded with efficiency and value. We were right.

But then there’s the magic that happens when they’re paired together. How can we properly convey in words what that audio bliss is like? We cannot. You simply have to hear for yourself. So call us today to setup your demo  (412) 931-5850. Your favorite music will sound brand new again.

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