The Best Outdoor Speakers for Your Patio or Backyard 2019

Once the weather starts to warm up, your patio or backyard quickly becomes the focal point of your home. From backyard get-togethers with friends, to movie nights under the stars with family, to relaxing to your favorite music work while you soak in some sun—the right outdoor speakers can transform your outdoor living space.

What are the best outdoor speakers for your patio or backyard? To help you save time, we’ve pulled together this helpful guide that includes tips on what to consider and our recommendations on the best speakers and brands.

Unlike indoor speakers, outdoor speakers can be subjected to some pretty harsh elements. Depending on your speaker placement, wind, rain, cold temperatures, and even snow are all factors you need to consider before the installation.

Covered Porch

One of the most versatile spaces for outdoor speakers is a covered porch or patio. Because the space is more protected from the elements, you’ll typically have more options for speaker placement including in-ceiling speakers and wall mounted speakers.

Even though the area is covered, we still recommend speakers that are approved for outdoor use. They are made of durable plastic and are designed to allow water to run off and to resist moisture.

If you’re considering in-ceiling speakers, or in-wall speakers, our recommendation would be the new Sonos in-ceiling speakers or in-wall speakers, which can be driven with their new Sonos Amp.  The quality that these products offer at their price point is amazing.

Open Patio

Because sound won’t be confined to one particular space, with an open patio you’ll need to consider whether you want multi-directional sound or speakers that direct your music towards your home (a great option if you don’t want to annoy your neighbors).

One option we really like is the new Episode Landscape Series satellite speakers, amplifier, subwoofer, and accessories.  This is a great performing satellite subwoofer system that can surround your pool, patio, or home.

Designing Your Outdoor Entertainment Area

If you’re adding a new deck or patio, we also recommend planning ahead. It’s much easier for your contractor to run conduit during the build than it is to do it after. They can cap the conduit and you can add the outdoor speakers and sound system when you’re ready. Better yet, incorporate the outdoor speakers into the design.

We’ve been designing high-performance home theaters and outdoor entertainment areas for more than 20 years. We can take your vision and come up with the best design to meet your needs and your budget. If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, we’d love for you to visit our showroom. You can also schedule a complimentary in-home consultation (412) 931-5850.


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