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The Ultimate in Home Theater Design

Nov 09 2015

Depending on the amount of money that one chooses to spend, a home theater in Pittsburgh may cost a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. While some may view this investment as extreme, consider some of the most …

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Accessorizing a Home Theater

Oct 08 2015

Your home theater should be your throne. It should welcome you warmly and provide a cinematic experience that’s out of this world. But, after you’ve gotten the amazing screen and the crazy sound system, what’s left? Minifridge When you’re on …

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Create the Best Movie Night at Home

Sep 23 2015

When you own a home theater in Pittsburgh, you’re probably eager to have as many fun movie nights as possible so that you can get the most out of your investment. There are some key ingredients to having the best movie …

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How to Use Your Home Theater to Help You Exercise

Aug 26 2015

Not a lot of people take into consideration how far video game technology has come since the late 1990s. Consoles with attached motion sensors can help you turn your home theater into a platform for superior exercise. That’s right, you …

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Movie Night: Avoid These Common Home Theater Mistakes

Jul 14 2015

With the arrival of high-tech home electronics, many families are able to stay entertained without leaving the house. A home theater system is certainly a worthwhile investment. However, the components must be installed correctly in order for the home theater …

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Elements to Include in a Home Theater

Jun 22 2015

Adding a room that is dedicated as a home theater is a great way to get the family together on a regular basis and to have a unique space where your friends can come over to watch the football game. …

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Creative Ideas for Decorating Your Home Movie Theater

Apr 28 2015

After your home theater installation is finished, you’ll want to decorate the space in a way that suits your personality. From painting the walls to installing sound-proof carpeting, there will be plenty of details to take care of. One of …

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The Best Homemade Snacks for Movie Night

Apr 21 2015

When you have your own home theater system, you can enjoy a movie theater experience without having to leave the house. In addition to comfortable seats and a great film, some tasty snacks are also an essential part of the …

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