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Cambridge Audio’s New Edge Line

Jun 19 2018

Join us this Saturday for this FREE seminar and demo series from Cambridge Audio on their new “Edge Series” line of products! While Cambridge Audio may be known for producing mostly sub-$2k components, that hasn’t stopped them from developing a …

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4 Key Benefits of Home Automation

Nov 01 2015
custom home theater lighting

A home that responds to your presence is no longer relegated to science fiction. Through the power of the internet, Bluetooth transmissions, and other invisible signals, your home can adjust itself automatically to create a more comfortable living environment. Here …

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How to Save Money on Utilities by Installing Home Automation Equipment

Sep 09 2015

When you’re at work, away for the weekend or running errands and you realize that you forgot to shut off the lights and adjust the thermostat, you might be worried about all the money you’ll be spending on your upcoming …

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Features of an Automation System

Aug 05 2015

A home automation system is designed to provide you with complete control over the electric appliances within your home in an efficient and easy-to-use manner. When it comes to this type of system, there are a wealth of features available to you, …

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Transform Your Home into a Smart Home, and Watch the Savings Pour In

Jul 07 2015

Smart home automation not only provides more convenience and control, but it can also increase your home’s security and enhance your annual energy efficiency. Here are just a few of the many benefits associated with automation systems. Lower Your Annual …

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Practicality of Home Automation May Further Convince You to Invest

Jun 15 2015

Smarthouse technology continues to advance at a rapid pace giving homeowners more control than ever. While you may focus on some of the fun aspects of these smart-enabled devices, there are several practical uses that could make your life much …

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Invisible Speaker Systems for the Whole House

May 26 2015

If your house is littered with unappealing black speakers, speaker grills and wires, it’s safe to assume you’re probably a music lover. You enjoy listening while cooking, cleaning, relaxing and working out, which means you need a speaker system in …

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Three Practical Things You Can Control with Your Electronics

May 05 2015

At some point, everyone has forgotten to close the garage door or where s/he parked the car. With today’s technology, you have the opportunity to correct or perform some of those tasks from your handheld device. These mobile controls can …

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Monitor and Control Your Home Technologies While You Are Away

Mar 09 2015

When you synchronize your technology into one integrated home automation system, you will be able to manage your home from anywhere with your mobile device. Monitor key technologies at home like your heating and cooling system, lights and security from …

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How Home Automation Makes Life Simple

Jan 23 2015

With the popularity of Life Hacks and living in the era of smart phones and immediate information, people are always looking for ways to make their everyday lives a little simpler. When it comes to home theaters, one way to …

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