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How Much Does a Home Theater Cost?

Aug 16 2019

When you’re thinking about a home theater room, cost is likely one of the first questions that comes to mind. Like many updates to your home, much of your budget will be determined by the size of your space, the …

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Event: Northern Audio 2018 Audio Innovations

Jan 11 2018
nordost hifi audio cables event

Saturday, February 10th, 10:00am – 3:00pm Northern Audio welcomes Mike Marko of Nordost Corporation and Bob Scranton of Cambridge Audio for their “2018 Audio Innovations” seminar.  Mr. Marko will provide the latest product demonstrations and cable comparisons, while Mr. Scranton will present how the right gear …

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How to Improve Your Home Theater’s Sound

Sep 26 2017

Sure, you soundproofed the home theater. Your family can sleep through the night even if the volume is cranked up to 11. However, you probably didn’t install curtains or the right kind of carpet in the room. By putting soft …

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Here’s Why a Home Theater Is Worth the Investment

Nov 17 2015

Many of us have dreamed of investing in a home theater system but have doubted whether it’s really worth the cost. While it can certainly be somewhat of an investment, a home theater truly ends up paying for itself. Here …

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The Ultimate in Home Theater Design

Nov 09 2015

Depending on the amount of money that one chooses to spend, a home theater in Pittsburgh may cost a few thousand to tens of thousands of dollars. While some may view this investment as extreme, consider some of the most …

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Prepare to Have Your Home Theater Installed

Oct 22 2015

There’s no better investment for your own personal entertainment than a brand new home theater. When you have your home theater installed, you want to be sure that everything is ready for the big day. Follow these tips to make …

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Accessorizing a Home Theater

Oct 08 2015

Your home theater should be your throne. It should welcome you warmly and provide a cinematic experience that’s out of this world. But, after you’ve gotten the amazing screen and the crazy sound system, what’s left? Minifridge When you’re on …

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Transform Your Residence By Installing a Home Entertainment System

Aug 19 2015

If you are the type of person who enjoys relaxing at home, you will certainly benefit from the installation of a home theater. With the proper equipment, your movie-watching experience can be taken to the next level. You will also …

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The Benefits of a Home Theater

Jul 28 2015

Home theaters allow you to get the movie theater experience at home without ever having to go out. While this is reason enough to invest in a home theater system, there are plenty of other benefits that such a system …

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The Reasons You Should Invest in a Home Theater

Jul 21 2015

Your residence has the potential to be a very exciting place. After making a few improvements, your time at home will be even more fulfilling. Here are some of the key benefits of investing in a home theater. Movie Theater …

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