3D Televisions Include Built-in Cinema Technologies

Mar 16 2015

Although visiting the movie theater continues to remain a top way to enjoy movies on large screens and with amplified sound, home theater systems are being designed to provide families with this same experience in their homes any time of …

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What is HDR and Can it Change The Viewing Standard?

Jan 21 2015

We predicted that 4K TV would be a big focus at this year’s Consumer Electronic Show. It looks as though our prediction was correct, as most every company announced their version of the technology. Now that all the excitement of …

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Are Ultra or 4K HD Televisions Worth Your Money?

Sep 18 2014

Ultra and 4K HD resolution televisions have started reaching the market, providing a level of quality not seen on shelves before. There always seems to be new technology for consumers to get on board with, but is it worth the …

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