Elements to Include in a Home Theater

Adding a room that is dedicated as a home theater is a great way to get the family together on a regular basis and to have a unique space where your friends can come over to watch the football game. These are some elements you should consider including when you install your new home theater system.


Creating the Best Home Theater Room

There are many home theater systems you can choose from when creating an ideal space for your entertainment needs. You can choose a system that accommodates the square footage in the room in order to achieve the best acoustics, and you can purchase the best television size off of those measurements as well. However, there are several additional options you can consider that will make your home theater room the envy of your friends, and will create a space the entire family will love for years to come.

Make the Room as Comfortable as Possible

Seating is an important aspect to consider; you want to select seating that will be comfortable enough to sit on for hours, but you also want your choice to complement the rest of the room as well. You can purchase an over-sized couch or chaise lounge, or you can select movie theater-style seating that features a homey flair. Choose curtains, rugs and lighting that create a warm, inviting space as well, but consider adding other items such as neon signs or an old-fashioned popcorn machine to make the room stand out.

Unclutter the Space

Too many wires and cables coming from the speakers, television and gaming system can create a cluttered, uninviting feel to the room. An easy fix is to route all the wires into a closet that can be shut so you won’t have to see them while you are in the room. Purchase a universal remote and program all of your electronics to it. Try to design the room with the television placed in the middle; this will help the acoustics and help keep the room from looking too cluttered.

Separating the Space

If you have installed high-quality speakers, it is easy for noise to carry to other rooms in the house. Consider installing sound-buffering panels or acoustic tiles in order to separate the space.

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