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High Performance Home Audio

At Northern Audio, music really does matter. Whether you want to achieve the finest listening environment for everything from your favorite vinyl records to your high-resolution computer audio files or find the best solution for distributing your favorite songs throughout your entire home, our home audio experts will put you and your family in the driver’s seat of your favorite playlists.


There is no place in or around Pittsburgh where you can listen to as many speakers from as many different high-performance brands as you can at Northern Audio. From bookshelf speakers to premium floorstanding speakers, we’ve got you covered.

Cables & Accessories

A high quality cable lets your home audio system perform its best, while remaining faithful to the source material. We can tell you what cables other audiophiles with your components have found to work best.

Featured Brands

We carry the largest selection of industry-leading home audio brands in Pittsburgh including:  Luxman, Mola Mola, Jadis, Rogue Audio, Margules Audio, Lab 12, Fezz Audio, Hegel, Parasound, SimAudio, Fleetwood Sound, Rosso Fiorentino, GoldenEar Technology, Harbeth, Mo-Fi, Music Hall, Rega, Dr Feikert, Hana, Ortofon, Grado, and Phasemation  (just to name a few).

Enjoy music in ways you never imagined, with fidelity so incredible it’s as if the performer is in the room alongside you. Really, it’s that amazing.

Have questions about home audio components, speakers, or cables? Give us a call (412) 931-5850.

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