How Much Does a Home Theater Cost?

When you’re thinking about a home theater room, cost is likely one of the first questions that comes to mind. Like many updates to your home, much of your budget will be determined by the size of your space, the components you select, and customization. The good news is, the price of technology has dropped dramatically over the last few years. Now you can get exceptional quality and performance for a fraction of the cost.

Family Room Theaters/Media Rooms

If you’re looking for a home theater but still want the flexibility to use the space for everyday life, this is a great option. You can install a motorized screen that retracts into the ceiling and goes away when you don’t need it. You can also flush mount speakers that virtually disappear into your existing décor.

With a family room theater, you can get together on the couch for Friday movie nights or the big Steelers game and then quickly and easily return the space back to a functional family room.

Family room theaters are great if you’re looking for an upgrade from your standard flat panel tv and soundbar and typically start at $5,000.

Dedicated Home Theater Rooms

Custom home theaters are typically dedicated rooms in your home built specifically for enjoying movies, television, and sporting events. Unlike family room theaters, these rooms are designed to provide a cinema experience similar to your local movie theater. They typically feature a front-projector instead of a TV, Dolby Atmos surround sound system, front, center, and side channel speakers, lighting, home theater seating, and acoustic treatments.

With a dedicated home theater room, you’re only limited by your imagination. Every aspect of the installation can typically be customized. You also have a ton of options when it comes to equipment. If you’ve shopped for a home theater system at a big box store, you know prices can vary greatly. This is one place where you want to spend the time and the money to get the best equipment.

At Northern Audio, we have designed high-end theaters in the hundreds of thousands of dollars, but most custom theaters we build range from $10,000 to $50,000. When you consider the average kitchen renovation costs $23,000, the investment can be well worth it. A well-designed home theater will bring fun and entertainment to your family and friends for years to come.

Which Home Theater Option is Right for You?

Whether you’re considering a family room theater or a dedicated home theater, we can help. We’ll visit your space for a complimentary consultation, take measurements, and help you explore different options based on your vision. Depending on your budget and tastes, we can mix and match and put together the best components possible. Just keep in mind the size of your room isn’t super important. For example, in our showroom, we have a Dolby Atmos theater room in a 12×14 room. The reason we picked that room was to show people you can take a standard space and do whatever you want with it, even get the really big picture with the really big sound.

If you’re located within 100 miles of Pittsburgh and have any questions about home theater cost or would like to discuss your project, please feel to contact our home theater design team.

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