How to Automate Your Home Theater Set Up

If you’ve been trying to come up with ways to automate your home theater system, there are many options available to you. More and more people these days are not only designing their own home theater systems, but they are automating them to their preferences. Here are a few ideas for an automated home theater system.

The Gamer Setup

While most people set up home theater systems for watching movies and television, a lot of people do it with gaming in mind. If you’re one of those people, these tips will help you to automate your setup for ease of use. You can have controller-docking stations attached to each seat, as well as having multiple screens set up for multiplayer gaming.

The chairs in this type of setup should recline and have wide armrests for comfort. For automation, you could have the sound set up to switch between the game audio and background music by just pressing a button. You can also set your system up to automatically connect to the Internet upon powering on, set up a victory song to play when you’ve won a game and set up the lights to shine brighter whenever you pause your game.

Hollywood Setup

If you mainly use your home theater system for watching movies, you can set up your system with a Hollywood theme. You can organize your home theater to have curtains around the screen, complete with automated dimming lights that will decrease in brightness when a movie is about to play.

Have accent lights along the walls or floor, with stadium seating like you would find in a movie theater. You can also set up your system so that the movie will automatically pause when there are distractions, such as when the doorbell rings.

Sports Fan Setup

If you love watching sports, you can easily set up your home theater system to be the ideal spot for watching the big game. Have multiple screens, so you can watch more than one game at a time and set the lights to automatically flicker or flash different colors whenever your team scores a point. Have plenty of seating and tables situated around, so there is room for snacks and drinks. Also, make sure to decorate the room with sports memorabilia to complete the look.

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