How to Use Your Home Theater to Help You Exercise

Not a lot of people take into consideration how far video game technology has come since the late 1990s. Consoles with attached motion sensors can help you turn your home theater into a platform for superior exercise. That’s right, you can lose weight while being entertained simultaneously. This aspect goes beyond what most gamers use consoles for as you can receive real physical benefits from the perfect home theater installation.


Understanding the Concept

The idea behind systems such as the Xbox Kinect or the Wii is to get people up and on their feet. When it comes to providing health benefits, it’s all about physical movement. The more you move, the more you burn. Games that have a significantly higher expectation of movement will help you burn the most calories. As long as you understand that need to stay active, you can get the most out of the experience. Getting yourself off of the couch is the first step to getting an entertaining workout. When you sit and play, you’re only cheating yourself at these kinds of games.

The Right Game

Games that rely on motion sensors can vary in degree of strenuous activity. While some are more relaxed while you bowl a few frames, others are more dependent on fast-paced motion from your entire body. Some game developers have gone to the point of creating entertaining workout programs with real exercise routines and weight monitoring. Whether you want a traditional form of exercise that you would find in a gym or you would prefer defeating an alien infestation as Marvel characters, there is something to get everyone in the house moving.

Effects of Mixing Gaming and Superior Sound

What takes physical gaming to a whole new level is the process of mixing sound quality with intense visuals. For example, you can hear balls bounce behind you if you have a home theater system equipped with surround sound while playing tennis. It’s merely another way that developers created to help you immerse yourself in digital exercise and entertainment. Instead of sitting on the couch with a controller in hand, your entire body could be the method in which to play. You could burn as many as six-times the calories by playing these kinds of games.

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