Mad Mex Restaurant

Mad Mex in Pittsburgh wanted an audio/video system that was very easy to use and operate.  We installed three default settings of “on” (restaurant just opening), “half full” and “full”.  Even though these eight zones of audio can be adjusted independently, employees can immediately return to any of these three default settings with a push of a button.

Mad Mex desired a system that not only had superb audio fidelity, but also one that offered the ability for patrons to dine and communicate without competing audio content.  This Northern Audio-installed system maintains an “audio punch” on the low end, while not being obtrusive to customers.

This Northern Audio-installed Yamaha commercial-grade audio system essentially consists of:

  • eight zones of audio
  • 26 in-ceiling speakers
  • five surface-mounted speakers
  • five mid-subs
  • one 18-inch subwoofer
  • an MTX3 processor
  • two 8-channel amps
  • one 4-channel amp
  • one subwoofer amp

The installation also consists of:

  • two 65-inch 4K TVs
  • two separate DirecTV boxes
  • a 3rd audio source of a commercially licensed music service