Invisible Speaker Systems for the Whole House

If your house is littered with unappealing black speakers, speaker grills and wires, it’s safe to assume you’re probably a music lover. You enjoy listening while cooking, cleaning, relaxing and working out, which means you need a speaker system in every room of the house. Invisible speaker systems allow you to enjoy music from anywhere in your home, without the hardware cluttering your space.


Invisible Speakers

Today, a system of speakers can be built into each room, and it can be done so invisibly. Instead of planning the room’s decor around the best place to park the big black speaker boxes, you can have hidden speakers installed in the ceiling and walls. Unlike speaker boxes, the location(s) of hidden speakers aren’t constrained by the architectural features of the room.

Surround Sound

During your home theater installation, you probably noticed that the wonderful, realistic surround sound experienced is in part created by putting speakers all around the theater. With invisible speakers in the walls and ceiling of your house, you can experience surround sound anywhere in your home. Experience music as if the performers were there in the room with you. Invisible speakers today produce extremely high-quality sound that is as good as or better than even the most expensive black box speaker.


Once you’ve put in a system of invisible speakers, you can link them all together in order to control and play music anywhere. Attach your entire playlist to the system and use your smartphone or iPod to control what music you play, and in which rooms. This can all be done without having to worry about tripping over speaker cables or whether your new couch will match the speaker boxes.

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