Movie Night: Avoid These Common Home Theater Mistakes

With the arrival of high-tech home electronics, many families are able to stay entertained without leaving the house. A home theater system is certainly a worthwhile investment. However, the components must be installed correctly in order for the home theater to deliver the best possible experience. Here are three home theater mistakes that need to be avoided.


Do Not Mount the Television Too High

In an effort to free up extra space in a room, some people install their television high above the floor. Unfortunately, this can cause a lot of problems. By placing the television above eye level, you are forcing the viewer to tilt their neck back. Over time, you will eventually grow tired of looking up at the screen. Furthermore, the picture quality can look distorted. The best approach is to position the television or projector screen in line with your seating height. This will help you to get the best possible performance out of your home theater system.

Avoid Purchasing a TV Screen that Is Too Big

Installing an extremely large TV screen can actually be counter-productive. In order for your eyes to effectively visualize the images, the screen’s size needs to be appropriate for the room. Installing a gigantic TV screen in a small room is certainly not a good idea.

Do Not Place Speakers inside a Cabinet

According to an expert in home theater from Pittsburgh, it is not advisable to place speakers inside an entertainment cabinet. This will ruin the overall sound quality. High-quality speakers are already designed in an enclosure.

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