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Phono Cartridge Installation And Alignment

How important is cartridge alignment?  If you’re a music lover, it should be of the utmost importance to you.  To get the most out of your turntable and enjoy your hi-fi system to the fullest, you must have your turntable set up properly.  It’s often the difference between simply playing a record and truly enjoying and experiencing the sonic splendor contained within a piece of vinyl to its full potential. Whether the disc is a vintage record or the latest 200 gram, 45 rpm remastered offering, a transformative sonic experience can come from a turntable that has be set up properly and sighted properly, as where the cartridge sits can make a significant difference in how the stylus interacts with the vinyl. 

What’s the best setup for your listening tastes?  Are you a classic music listener, for example?  Classical music typically stars soft and low, but ends with giant crescendos at the inner grooves.  Our consultation with you will determine what vinyl you like to listen to and how your cartridge should be calibrated to unleash all the nuances of your favorite musical genres.  Rest assured, our services are not “farmed out” to a third party and consist of our internal staff of Mark Mawhinney, Greg Keller, and Bill Youngker. With over 100 years combined experience in turntable setup, our century of integrated expertise exceeds that of the history of the electric-powered turntable! Call Northern Audio today to learn more at: 412.931.5850 or email us now! And remember, all cartridge installation and alignment comes complimentary with every turntable purchase at Northern Audio and brother store, Music To My Ear!

Reel-To-Reel Tape Deck Bias Calibration

Is your reel-to-reel tape deck calibrated correctly?  If not, it can result in various issues that greatly affect the sound quality and integrity of your recordings, including distorted audio, uneven frequency response, and signal degradation.  Bias is the alternating current that is applied to the tape during recording.  Through the examination of head alignment, playback levels, meter calibration and playback equalization, the record-head azimuth should be adjusted  and aligned with the play-head, so as to duplicate the standard on your reel-to-reel machine.  Bias calibration can also be used for specific types of tape.  Want to use SM468 tape? That is the more “analog” sounding one. Want to archive for 1:1 copy? That is more a SM900 formulation. How hard to hit the tape (recording levels) matters as well, depending on the type of music. Want zinging highs? Hit it harder. Prefer softer transients?  Hit it softer. Understanding the limits of the tape formulation and what sound it produces along the way are key to getting the proper sound to your liking.  Bias calibration from Northern Audio can accomplish this for you via our resident expert, Greg Keller. Call us today to learn more at: 412.931.5850 or email us now!

Northern Audio Services
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