Practicality of Home Automation May Further Convince You to Invest

Smarthouse technology continues to advance at a rapid pace giving homeowners more control than ever. While you may focus on some of the fun aspects of these smart-enabled devices, there are several practical uses that could make your life much easier.


3 Practical Reasons to Invest in Home Automation

Home automation can give you more freedom while delegating mundane tasks to computerized appliances. This was first experienced in earlier devices such as automatic coffee brewers and thermostat controlled HVAC systems. In today’s technologically advancing world, more of the appliances and systems within the home can be controlled with a tap from your smartphone. What are some practical uses for this technology that can make life easier for you and the family?

Shutting it Down for the Night

From a single button, you can shut off all the lights in the house and lock all of the doors simultaneously. How often have you awoke in the middle of the night because you weren’t sure if you locked the back door or not? How often do you get up to turn off the bathroom light? It can be frustrating to get comfortable in the perfect position only to have to get up a few minutes later to make sure that the house is safe and secure.

Knowing When the Kids Get Home

Those that have children constantly worry about their safety. In some automation systems, you can get a message on your smartphone the moment the children get home from school. Regardless of where you are in the world, you are messaged that they have returned. This can reduce a great deal of stress while you’re at work, especially if the children are just getting to the age of caring for themselves for a short amount of time.

Thermostat Control

Even when you’re away from home, the HVAC system will continue to operate in order to keep the house at a specific temperature. This is a waste of energy that can be avoided by lowering the settings on the unit. With a home automation system, you can turn on the heat or the air conditioning remotely allowing the home to resume climate control. This can help you save money in energy costs while you’re at work or on vacation.

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