GoldenEar Technology BRX Speaker

The BRX incorporates a 6” cast-basket bass/midrange driver, basically the same driver used in the Triton Reference . The tweeter is the Reference High-Gauss High-Velocity Folded Ribbon. The two drivers are perfectly blended with a unique “balanced crossover”. A pair of inertially balanced 6.5” planar infrasonic radiators are located on either side of the cabinet for tight, […]

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Harbeth C7ES-3 XD Loudspeakers

The icon of clarity and detail ESSENTIAL NEUTRALITY AND NATURAL TONAL BALANCE Allow sensational music moments to come to life at the comfort of your home with the multi-award winning, medium-sized C7ES-3 XD loudspeaker. Acclaimed for its accurate three-dimensional sound, this speaker will impress even the most religious demands of an audiophile. The Harbeth secret

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Harbeth M30.2 XD Loudspeakers

A speaker for the critical listener A REFINEMENT OF THE BBC LS5/9 SPEAKER Harbeth’s design team has redefined the virtues of a speaker which has won worldwide accolades to a new intensity. Allowing rarefied audio transparency to be revealed and ultimately enjoyed. The smallest Harbeth to be engineered around the exclusive 200mm RADIAL™ bass/mid unit

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Sonos In-Wall Speakers

In-Wall Speaker (Pair) The architectural speakers for ambient listening. Front-row stereo sound for TV and more. Designed to be powered by Sonos Amp. Amp powers up to three pairs. Wired speakers that require an amplifier. The Sonos experience Power these speakers with Amp, which applies custom digital signal processing for enhanced sound, to enjoy the

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