Your Music, Your Way

At Northern Audio, music really does matter.  Whether you want to achieve the finest listening environment for your high-resolution computer audio files or find the best solution for distributing your favorite songs throughout your entire home, we at Northern Audio can put you and your family in the driver’s seat of your favorite playlists.  Through manufacturers such as GoldenEar Technology, Hegel, Peachtree Audio, SimAudio and Sonos, you’ll enjoy music in ways you never imagined, with fidelity so incredible, it’s as if the performer is in the room alongside you.  Really, it’s that amazing.

Northern Audio’s distributed audio solutions can satisfy the discerning ears of the most astute listener — or even the most casual entertainment lover.  Who doesn’t want to hear their favorite song everywhere in their home?  With speakers seamlessly installed into the ceiling or other out-of-the-way places, your home will provide an immersive audio experience. Now you can listen to music in your fitness room, home office or, if you choose, throughout each room in your home at the same time.

With Sonos, Northern Audio can help you achieve a complete distributed audio solution that includes high quality in-ceiling and in-wall architectural speakers, multi-channel amplification, along with control and automation functionality.

Take control and wirelessly manage all of your music. Create playlists for anywhere in your home. Organize everything you listen to in one place.  Individually control the volume in every room. Start with one music player or BRIDGE connected to your router, and then you can expand the system wirelessly everywhere. Hear every song you have! Play your iTunes library.  Get thousands of free Internet radio stations!

Northern Audio also offers distributed video solutions.  Now you can watch satellite or cable or Internet television whenever and wherever you want.  We provide you with thin, beautiful flat panel televisions in your media room, bedrooms, kitchen, and everywhere you want to watch video.


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