Seven Unique Themes For Your Home Theater

Designing a theater that is unique and elaborate can offer the ideal environment for large events and meetings. There are always new trends and themes that people are using to customize the systems in their homes. Here are seven of the most unique themes that you can utilize in your home theater in Pittsburgh.

Sports Fan’s Dream

Designing your home theater system to include multiple screens, loads of memorabilia and a look much like a media room has become a popular trend in home theater designs. This design is perfect for the biggest sports fan and can incorporate bar seating, a kitchen and more.

Star Trek Theme

The ceiling is painted like the windows of the ship, while the walls include a design that features lights and screens like on the Starship Enterprise or the Voyager. This incredible design provides computer-controlled LED lighting, 11 seats and a large screen for viewing. It even has a “red alert” button.

1920s Theater

If you love the look of the old-style theaters from way back when, this design is perfect for you. This 1920s theater is quite ornate and offers chairs with custom patterned fabric. Lamps add an element of warmth and the coffered ceiling treatment provides the look of an upscale theater.

Underground Mine Shaft

A simple, yet very unique design, this underground mine shaft has the appearance of rocks on the walls and ceiling. With this incredible design, it feels like you’re actually in an old west mineshaft looking for gold.

1950s Diner

Another very popular home theater design is a 1950s diner theme. It’s very easy to incorporate multiple screens and seating to create an environment that is ideal for more than just a movie night. Adding a jukebox can help create the perfect home theater with a 1950s theme.

Planetarium Theme

Adding a night sky design as part of your theme can help create an incredible movie watching experience. With the right design, it’s possible to make your home theater room look like it’s an outdoor area, complete with stars and planets.

The Bat Cave

Maybe a bit harder to pull off, but this design will make your home theater look like something straight out of Gotham. Feel like the Caped Crusader himself with your own customizable home theater.

These are just a few of the many themes possible for a stunning home theater in your house. For more information on the top home theater systems on the market, give us a call today at (412) 931-5850.

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