The Best Games to Show off Your Home Theater Setup

If you’re a gamer, setting up your favorite console in your home theater in Pittsburgh will provide you with the most immersive gaming experience available. With today’s true-to-life graphics, earth-shaking sound effects and cinematic music, gaming has never been more impressive. The following are games that bring the “wow” factor and allow you to show off just what your home theater setup can do.

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Far Cry 4

This open world, first-person shooter drops gamers into the fictional country of Kyrat, a country with lush forests, beautiful rivers and towering mountains. With stunningly realistic graphics, an immersive story and the freedom to explore miles of terrain while engaging in visceral gunfights, Far Cry 4 is a stunning experience.

Forza Horizon 2

Car nuts have long flocked to the Forza series with its wide selection of powerful automobiles and realistic driving physics. Forza Horizon 2 represents the next evolutionary step in video game racing with over 200 lovingly crafted racing machines, a massive open map that lets players race across a gorgeous Southern European setting and a full day/night cycle with dynamic weather effects. The sound design is superb with screeching tires and accurate engine sounds that capture the feel of every vehicle. For car enthusiasts, it doesn’t get any better.

Dragon Age Inquisition

The Dragon Age series has taken role-playing fans on fantastic adventures that see them using magic and all matter of medieval weaponry to complete quests and slay monsters in a detailed fantasy world. The newest addition to the series draws in veterans and new players alike with its colorful graphics, beautiful scenery and orchestral score.

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