The Best Seating Options for Your Home Theater Setup

Having your own home theater in Pittsburgh is a great way to enjoy a slice of luxury without having to leave home. Your home theater setup could include a large screen, surround sound speakers, sub-woofers and a place for snacks. Comfortable seating is essential to your home movie theater, as you’ll be spending many hours enjoying your favorite films.

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Sectional seats offer places for you and all of your friends or family to sit and watch a movie together. Sectional sofas for home theaters offer seating in a row or in an L shape. Sectional seating arrangements can also be done in a chaise style, with a row of seats finished off with a chaise at one end. Special features such as built-in cup holders, remote control organizers and even heated backs are included in sectionals so you may relax your weary muscles and have everything you need within arm’s reach.


If you like to put your feet up while watching movies, recliners are a great option for your home theater room. Reclining seats offer padding for your lower legs that helps to improve your circulation while the reclining back feature cushions for your neck and head so you can fully relax your body. The recliner gives you the same angle of view like you would have in a tiered movie theater.


Home theater loungers are built from luxury materials such as leather or micro-suede. The loungers may be single seat, double or triple seating in a straight row or arranged at a slight angle to create an arc. Lounger seats do not recline, but you may have the option to put your feet up. Built-in cup holders and armrests are standard for these seating arrangements. With your new seating in place, you’ll never have to leave home to enjoy the thrilling experience of watching movies in total comfort.

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