The Most Popular Home Theater Design Trends

If you’re thinking of designing a home theater, there are a variety of popular designs that many people are using as the basis for designing their own. While you can design the system of your dreams with components you already have in mind, here are some starting points that will help you discover exactly what want out of your ideal home theater system.

The Modern Look

You can design your home theater with modern elements, using neutral colors like beige and terracotta with lots of sleek lines throughout the design. Situate your favorite modern theater chairs with a soft fabric, large headrests and curved armrests, with small tables between them for drinks and snacks. Create a 3D effect with your wall design by layering wall panels and installing backlighting that softly glows and gently lights the room.

The Dark Contemporary Look

Design your home theater room in shades of reds, blacks and grays to pull off a darker and moodier feel. Design the floor at two different heights, so you can bring in a couple sectional sofas and situate one on the higher floor level and the other on the lower level. Create a neat effect on the ceiling that resembles the night sky with thousands of glowing stars twinkling softly. Install soft theater lighting along the walls and ceiling, which will dim when a movie starts playing.

The Soft Contemporary Look

Design your home theater in shades of tan. Install a hardwood floor and lay down a soft area rug in the middle of the room. Add in a comfortable leather sectional in a tan color, with a coffee table and end tables within reach. Create one wall of the room with a faux bricks or rocks and have soft canister lighting on the ceiling along the walls.

The Star Trek Look

Some people are even going all out and have designed their home theaters to resemble the inside of the USS Enterprise, complete with motion-activated air-lock doors and sound effects. The theater seats resemble those of the Star Trek chairs and the window of the ship is actually the movie screen.

There are many different ways you can design your home theater. You can go for something simple and comfortable where the whole family can sit and enjoy watching movies together, or you can opt for fancy design elements that will turn your home theater into a fun attraction for your friends and family.

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