The Perfect Home Theater Set Up for Watching Sports

A home theater in Pittsburgh isn’t just used for movies and video games. They’re used for watching the Penguins play Hockey, the Steelers play football, and the Pirates play baseball.

Choosing the right setup for your home theater will make a difference when it comes to watching your favorite sports. For example, if you often watch more than one game at a time, you may want to look into a multiple screen set up. Here are a few examples of perfect home theater set ups for watching your beloved Pittsburgh teams.

The “Fan” Room

How cool would it be to have a room decorated with Penguins, Pirates and Steelers memorabilia? The Fan Room is the perfect place to showcase your absolute fandom for any of the local squads – from high school to the pros. So you can keep up with all sports on all levels, include multiple screens or a large projector. Your friends and family will absolutely love watching games in this theater set up.

The Game Room

Creating the perfect game room can benefit the entire family by including “something for everyone”. You can dedicate one wall to TV screens so you can catch all the action, while using other areas of the room for a pool table, poker table, arcade games, and your kids’ video game system of choice. Add in a surround sound system and you’ve got the perfect room for entertaining guests!

Fantasy Sports Room

If you compete in fantasy sports leagues, you will certainly need multiple screens. Setting up your home theater with one large screen and a few smaller screens off to the side will provide the perfect “field” of vision (get it?!). You can put the most important game on the main screen and fill the rest with other sports and highlight shows. You can even watch the game in 3D! With a flat-panel display or a projector-screen combo, it’s totally possible to see your favorite player pop right out of the screen!


The Locker Room

A more intimate set up that can easily be transformed into a movie viewing area, the “Locker Room” design features one very large screen with a few smaller screens above. Add stadium seating and everybody can enjoy the game at your place. When the game is over, unwind with family movie night!

The key to designing the perfect home theater for viewing sports in Pittsburgh is adding multiple screens. Since most sports seasons overlap, having the ability to watch multiple games without having to head to a sports bar is an invaluable feature. To help with the crafting and installation of the perfect home theater, call the pros at Northern Audio today!

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