The Triton Sevens Are Here!

We’re shouting it from the mountain tops:  the Triton Seven speaker towers from GoldenEar are here and available at Northern Audio!  The new Triton Seven brings Speaker-of-the-Year Award winning Triton Series performance into a more compact size and even more affordable price range at $699/ea. GoldenEar’s Triton Towers have set new performance and value standards all around the world. The new Triton Seven follows in this auspicious tradition.

Although it is the first Triton Tower without a built-in powered subwoofer, it still achieves superbly deep, subwoofer-like impactful bass performance by combining advanced technology drivers with our highly evolved and sophisticated bass-loading technologies.  Check out the most recent review from Sound and Vision Magazine.  Or better yet, stop in today to hear their performance and marvel for yourself at their amazing sound!

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