What are the Advantages of Home Automation?

Home automation is the latest trend in technology, allowing you to control your appliances and home systems with a simple remote. No longer do you have to manually control your thermostat, lights or door locks, since you can do it all from a remote or smart phone. Here are some of the advantages of home automation.


Automation in the home is becoming very popular due to the advantage of the security behind it. You don’t even have to remember to lock the door anymore, or worry about security while on vacation.

With home automation, you can connect everything to your computer or smartphone. This allows you to watch your security cameras from anywhere. You can also turn on the alarm system, shut the garage or lock the doors from anywhere.

You can schedule the days and times you want your home alarm armed, and the system will even notify you when someone leaves or enters the home. Even if you arrive at work and feel you’ve forgotten to lock up the house, you can do it with the push of a button.


Another great benefit of home automation is that you can keep an eye on the kids. You’ll be able to make sure your children made it home safely, unlock the door for them from anywhere and even watch them leave and come home on your security cameras.

In addition, you can use the system for watching your newborn sleep at night. You can make your phone or laptop show multiple images on the screen for each room or area you’ve set up a camera.

For example, you can have four squares on your device with one showing the front door, one square displaying the baby sleeping, one square showing the living room and another box presenting the back entrance. This way, you can see all parts of the home on your screen to make sure there are no issues.

Saves Time & Money

Home automation allows you to save money by making sure appliances are turned off while you’re away for the day. You can use home automation to make sure curling irons are turned off, the oven isn’t on after breakfast and the lights are turned off for the day. You can even have the temperature adjusted so that you’re not wasting heating or air conditioning while nobody is home.


Home automation provides many conveniences. You can set timers for most things in your home, so that you don’t have to worry about turning the alarm system on at night or turning all the lights off in your home. In fact, you can program these systems to turn the lights on during the day, so that if you are on vacation it will appear that someone is still in the home.

Home automation is a really easy way to keep your household running no matter where you are. For more information on home automation services, contact Northern Audio today at (412) 931-5850.

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