Why Should You Consider a Wireless Music System for Your Home?

Having a wireless music system in your home allows you the freedom and ability to connect all the music devices in your house to one system. Finally, you can put those old CD’s and vinyl records away and access your entire music collection in one spot.

Wireless music systems are easier to install than wired systems, take less time to install and provide easy access from anywhere in your home. Here’s a look at some of the benefits of a wireless music system in your house.

Why does wireless make sense?

Many people don’t realize that the best time to deal with wiring something in their home is when it’s still under construction. It’s easy to run wiring when the walls are still exposed. If you decide to wire your home at a later time, expect high costs and many obstacles. Unless you’ve already had your home wired or plan to in a future home, consider going wireless.

Easier than traditional wired access

Most people trying to add a music system to their home are not set up for a wired system. It can be an endless nightmare trying to make an old space fit with new technology.

This type of system will simply use your home’s Wi-Fi router to distribute your music. You can do this with Radio Frequency or Internet Protocol. The only wire required is a hard wire connection for some IP-based systems, which is simply a jack at the target location.

Easy access to your music collection

People are tired of bulky CD collections. Using iPods and MP3 players allow you to access your music collection in one location, without taking up so much space. Instead of switching CDs, hit a button on the wireless audio system for your next song. You can even connect your Pandora stations or Spotify playlists to the wireless system.

Multi-room audio

With wireless, you can access the audio from anywhere in your home. It’s available everywhere, unlike wired systems. In fact, your friends and family can access the wireless music if they download an app on their smart phone and connect to your Wi-Fi.

Simple installation

Wireless music systems are clean and simple. They are easy to install, which will save you time and money. Don’t try to force a wired system when you have plaster walls and intricate woodwork. For some, wireless is the only smart option for providing quality audio throughout your home.

Turn on your favorite music while you cook dinner or throw on some tunes while guests arrive for your party. It doesn’t even have to disrupt the conversation because your wireless system can work from anywhere in the home. Put a speaker in each room you’d like and control it from your smartphone. For more information on whole house audio, contact Northern Audio today.

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