We partner with some of the industry’s leading home entertainment and home automation manufacturers to bring you the best audio and visual products in the Pittsburgh area.

Mola Mola Makua Preamp

With the knowledge in hand to design minimally invasive electronics without needing to be minimalistic,…

Mola Mola Tambaqui DAC

Responding to popular demand, Mola Mola launched the famous discrete DAC from the Makua as…

Moon 680D Streaming DAC

680D Streaming DAC MiND 2 (MOON intelligent Network Device) is a fabulous way of streaming and listening…

Moon 810LP Phono Preamp

810LP Phono Preamplifier “In terms of black backgrounds, top-to-bottom transient response, image definition, dynamic contrasts…

Moon ACE + Voice 22

ACE Design Features 3 line-level inputs including a front-mounted 1/8” mini-jack for personal media players….

Sonos Amp

The versatile amplifier for powering all your entertainment. Enjoy high-fidelity performance with 125 Watts…

Sonos In-Ceiling Speakers

In-Ceiling Speaker (Pair) The architectural speakers for ambient listening. Brilliant, wall-to-wall sound at any volume….

Sonos In-Wall Speakers

In-Wall Speaker (Pair) The architectural speakers for ambient listening. Front-row stereo sound for TV and…

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